Business Support

Business Support

Goshawk advises Board members of small & medium-size firms and leadership teams within government business units, delivering focussed business analysis and recommendations to facilitate sound decision-making and risk/opportunity management.


Board-level support

Non-Executive Director (NED) services

Governance & audit

Independent review of business strategies

‘Red-team’ competitive analysis

Identification and analysis of options

Enterprise/portfolio change-drivers

Business coherence and processes

Concept studies and change definition

Bid preparation and ‘black hat’ reviews

Risk / opportunity / issues & benefit analysis


Change Management

Project scoping, Performance/Cost/Time

Business Cases

Cost-benefit analysis

Training, team-building and leadership development


Heritage Studies

Relevance in business (i.e. team identity, USP and lessons learned)

Historical research


Working with charitable trusts - Goshawk has provided independent expert advice to charitable trusts on technical management, and heritage matters. This advice has assisted trustees in making choices necessary to keep the charity moving forward.
Advising on MOD Acquisitions - Goshawk has provided independent consultancy support to larger consultancy firms and direct to industry to advise on MOD's acquisition process, the role of the safety regulator, practical governance arrangements and the disciplines/constraints affecting UK MOD acquisition teams.
Assisting SME firms - Goshawk provided NED-like business support to the Board members of a Small/Medium-sized Enterprise (SME). Goshawk conducted a pan-enterprise review of the firm’s strengths and weakness (as might be viewed by a prospective customer), an analysis of the firm’s business risks & opportunities.