Independent Technical Evaluation

Independent Technical Evaluation

Goshawk is recognised as subject matter expert and competent to provide Independent Technical Evaluator (ITE) services across a range of disciplines.

Within the defence aviation sector, the use of competent ITEs is a regulatory requirement (MAA Regulatory Article 1220 refers) and is regarded as a vital means of ensuring safety. Goshawk provides ITE services across a range of manned and unmanned air systems, rotary and fixed wing, air vehicle and propulsion systems within the Military Air systems Certification Process (MACP) and in-service airworthiness and equipment safety management .

Construction and review of certification basis (i.e. TCB)

Scrutiny of adequacy and coherence of Certification Plans (CP) and proposed Means of Compliance (MoC)

Compilation and review of CRI/MCRI submissions, assessment of coherence and voracity of Equivalent Safety Findings (ESF)

Assessment of certification artefacts and Type Certification Expositions (TCE)

Examination of failure investigation evidence and voracity of root cause analysis recommendations

Scrutiny of Design Organisation’s proposal for air and propulsion system modifications

Examination of manufacturer’s Hazard Analysis reports

Examination of manufacturer’s Equipment Safety Assessment Reports (ESARs)


Independent Technical Evaluation (ITE) for MOD - Goshawk provided independent technical evaluation (ITE) services to assist MOD DE&S delivery teams to assess certification artefacts delivered by industry. We typically help to identify and rectify shortfalls early and promote shared understanding between customer and aircraft design organisation.
Further ITE services for MOD - Goshawk provided Independent Technical Evaluation (ITE) services to assist a MOD DE&S delivery team with assessing a proposed safety-critical modification for an aircraft propulsion system. By working with aero-structures and material science experts, Goshawk was able to furnish the MOD Type Airworthiness Authority with a thorough independent assessment of industry's fault investigation and modification design [LEARN MORE]